Mannequin Challenge has come to a standstill: Up next, the #TrumpIsComing Challenge

A screenshot of the #TrumpIsComing Challenge from Emi Chavez's Twitter account.
A screenshot of the #TrumpIsComing Challenge from Emi Chavez's Twitter account.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM TWITTER

TEXAS - If you are standing still for the Mannequin Challenge, it looks like the rest of the Internet is speeding past you.

The next trend to make waves on social media is the #TrumpIsComing Challenge. Yes, the new US President-elect has spawned a new craze, the BBC reported.

Videos posted under variations on the phrase - currently the most popular hashtag is #TrumpsComingChallenge - show young people going about their usual day until somebody shouts "Trump's coming!".

The people in the video would then either scream or fall to the ground in fright.

Sixteen-year-old Emi Chavez, from Azle, Texas, apparently started it with his Twitter post just hours after the results of the US elections which challenged people to "show me how you'd react if you saw Trump".

"Me and my friends are Mexican but we were born here and everyone is scared by what Trump said about sending Mexicans back home and all the other racist things, as well," Chavez told the BBC.

"The whole idea was to have some fun, but Trump is a very scary guy to kids of our age because we don't want our families to get split up," he added.

His video went viral and has since inspired others to make their own versions.

Students at a South Carolina college took a different approach, producing a combination of the #AndysComing and #TrumpIsComing challenges.

The #AndysComing challenge originates from the 1995 film Toy Story, where the toys fall motionless to the floor when their owner Andy comes into the room.

The video shows students dancing initially. When someone shouts "Trump's coming!", they all collapse to the ground.

It was made by Mr Yung Astroo, from Columbia, South Carolina, and posted on a number of his social media accounts.

Will the #TrumpIsComing Challenge trump the #MannequinChallenge?

The Mannequin Challenge has swept social media in recent months with prominent figures Michelle Obama and Beyonce among those taking part in the videos.

Never, however, underestimate the Trump.