Lebanon man's penis cut off by irate family of wife: Media

BEIRUT (AFP) - The irate family of a Lebanese Druze woman who married a Sunni man attacked her new husband, cutting off his penis and pulling out his teeth, the local media reported on Wednesday.

The mass-circulation An Nahar paper said Mr Rabih, 39, and Ms Roudaina, 20, met on Facebook and were married by a sheikh in July, over the wishes of the bride's family.

Marriage between members of the Druze community and non-Druze are extremely rare and officially banned by the religious group, which is present in Lebanon, Syria, Israel and the West Bank.

Ms Roudaina's family, from the Bayssour area of the Aley region, were apoplectic over her marriage, media reports said.

Her brothers, one of them a soldier, managed to lure Mr Roudaina's new husband to Bayssour under the pretext of a reconciliation meeting.

But when the unfortunate groom arrived, they beat him up, pulled out several teeth and cut off his penis.

"He would have been killed if residents of the area had not intervened," An Nahar said, citing security sources.

Mr Rabih was taken to hospital, but his attackers remain at large. His family has condemned the attack as "an unpardonable and hideous crime".

Even beyond the Druze community, intermarriage between Lebanon's 18 religious communities remain uncommon.

The country was ravaged by a civil war that pitted many of its religious communities against each other between 1975 and 1990.

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