Kudos due after US donut shop staff endures tirade

MIAMI (AFP) - Dunkin' Donuts plans to reward two employees in Florida for facing down a racist-flavoured tirade from a bullying customer who recorded her own outburst in a video gone viral.

In a case of webshaming gone afoul, twenty-something Taylor Chapman berated duty manager Abid Adar for a free meal last week in return for not getting a receipt on her previous visit - standard policy for the coffee-shop chain.

Informing Mr Adar he is "under video surveillance," she threatened legal action, tried to drag other customers into the dispute and ranted about going on a "one-way" space trip to Mars.

"I'm from Indiana and Kentucky, and up there, this s*** doesn't happen," Ms Chapman said, although later in the eight-minute video, she mentioned places "up there" where fast-food employees supposedly urinated on French fries.

"I want my bacon crispy and I want my people to be nice."

Upon seeing the "dumb b****" who served her the night before - an employee named Nithi working the drive-in window - she exploded: "You think you're all tough big bad Arabs bombing the (World) Trade Center. I'll show you tough."

"Everybody on Facebook is seeing you, Nithi," she snickered, apparently unaware that Nithi is a Hindi name. "Turn around and say hi."

Dunkin' Brands media chief Michelle King said on Wednesday that the "difficult situation" had been handled "with grace and patience."

"Dunkin' Brands' leadership has reached out to the two crew members featured in the video. Both have been invited to an internal company event in Boca Raton later this month for further recognition," she added in a statement.

Ms Chapman, identified on several websites as a 27-year-old college-educated marketing executive, meanwhile went to ground, shutting down her Facebook account as her video ricocheted among bloggers via YouTube.

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