Kenya's last northern white rhino joins Tinder

Endangered white rhino joins Tinder to find a mate hoping to raise funds for fertility treatment. VIDEO: REUTERS

NAIROBI (REUTERS) - Like many guys using Tinder, he loves the outdoors and travels widely. But there's a catch - Sudan is the world's last male white northern rhino. And he desperately needs a mate. 

Ol Pejeta conservancy has teamed up with dating app Tinder to raise awareness of how Sudan's species is facing extinction. 

Conservationists hope that Sudan will help raise enough money for US$9 million (S$12.5 million) fertility treatment - as all attempts to get him to mate have failed. 

Said Ol Pejeta's chief executive Richard Vigne: "We have to develop techniques to remove eggs from the two remaining females, we have to then mature those eggs which in itself is a very difficult thing to do for various reasons which I do not need to go into, fertilise those eggs with stored semen - luckily there is quite a lot of stored northern white rhino semen around the world in various zoos to create an embryo - and successfully freeze and store the embryo, and then in time find a technique to re-introduce that embryo into surrogate southern white rhino females." 

Poachers sell white rhino horns for US$50,000 per kilo - making them more valuable than gold. 

And Sudan's keepers fear he may be killed before they can raise the money needed for his treatment. 

But if it's a success - we may see more of these beasts walking the African plains for years to come.