Jordanian child hangs himself after school bullying

AMMAN (AFP) - An eight-year-old Jordanian boy hanged himself in his home in the northwestern city of Zarqa after bullies at his school taunted him about his deformed hand, police said on Tuesday.

Mustafa Ahmad Abu Osheibeh, "repeatedly cried and complained to his family that he was suffering because his peers and workers at his school made fun of his right hand, which has no fingers," a police spokesman told AFP.

"He told his mother that children at his school mockingly called him 'the boy without fingers'. Last night (Monday), he hanged himself using a belt." The spokesman said Abu Osheibeh's mother found her son's body hanging from a closet.

"She rushed him to the public hospital in Zarqa but the child was in bad condition and died at dawn on Tuesday," he added.

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