Impact 2014: Used tyres get a new spin

In Lebanon, burning tyres has become part of a local culture; it is done to express anger or as part of protests, or just to get rid of the high volumes of used tyres. But this is a crime against the environment, because of all the carbon dioxide emissions.

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Some municipalities bury tyres under garbage "mountains" - but tyres are among the most resistant to natural elements, and need hundreds of years to disintegrate.

Now, there is a solution in the southern Lebanese town of Toula, at the tyre recycling factory named Al-Oula that is managed by Ali Issa, Ahmad Shamseddine and Oula Issa, three young entrepreneurs with a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

The main idea behind Al-Oula is to avoid burning or burying tyres. Instead, they are blended and turned into powder, and then made into floor tiles for pavements, playgrounds, sports clubs and kindergartens.