Impact 2014: Smart tap fights wastage

Mr Mustapha Lakhdari is a civil engineer who is very passionate about the development of software and electronic systems.

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In 2010, he came up with a water-saving solution - a meter at the output of each tap that measure consumption in real time.

The measurements from all taps in the house are transferred to a storage device with a software analysis of consumption data, which tells users how much water they have consumed, at what time and from what tap.

This is unlike standard water measuring systems, which put the meters before the valve.

"These solutions are not effective," says Mr Mustapha. "They measure only the overall household consumption, while it is important to know if I consumed 2 or 4 litres washing my hands."

Also, while most existing solutions to save water are based on the principle of limiting the flow to slow consumption, Mr Mustapha's smart tap does not limit anything. "These detailed statistics will help the user to economise water, because the real problem is that we do not know where we consumed much more water," he says.