Impact 2014: Rapping for the environment

Hip hop touches everything, even sustainable development, as proven by Brussels rap group Pang, a group of environmentally-conscious friends.

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After producing videos and songs on urban gardens, dry toilets and composting, the rappers are back again to recycling, calling for a Bike Revolution.

"The air in Brussels is saturated with fine particles, the climate is off its tether and the road is paved with stress," they chant. "Too many cyclists in Brussels are still stuck in their cars and creating record-breaking traffic jams. Locked in their boxes, they fail to lift their heads over the handlebars and set out on the road of public interest."

The group is calling on all cyclists in Brussels to set loose their automobile chains, whether they're fixie addicts, folding bike users, BMX freestylers, trial riders or Sunday cyclists.

Their song has been a big hit on the Internet. Released in May with the participation of many cycling extras, it has already been viewed more than 17,000 times on YouTube. Environmental rap has found a name in Pang.