GZERO VIDEO: Joe Biden is making politics 'boring' again

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NEW YORK (GZERO MEDIA) - President Joe Biden's first 100 days in office have been refreshingly "boring," says international relations expert and Atlantic contributor, Tom Nichols, which is exactly what America needs right now.

Speaking with American political scientist Ian Bremmer, Mr Nichols said that just by doing his job consistently and staying away from flashy declarations, President Biden is slowly bridging the national divide in the country.

"Politics, in my view, ought to be boring. It shouldn't be something you have to pay attention to every minute of every day, and I think that's how Biden has approached the job," said Mr Nichols.

However, the first 100 days of Mr Biden's presidency has also brought along a slurry of activity, with 40 executive orders being issued by mid-April and more than 200 million vaccine doses distributed in just three months, says Mr Bremmer.

In March, Mr Biden also signed a record US$1.9 trillion (S$2.5 trillion) stimulus Bill into law, called the American Rescue Plan, funding Covid-19 vaccines and sending stimulus cheques of up to US$1,400 to most Americans.

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