Germany has 1.5 million fewer people than thought

BERLIN (AP) - Germany's latest census reveals the country has 1.5 million fewer inhabitants than previously assumed, probably because foreigners who leave the country fail to register their departure.

The Federal Statistical Office on Friday revealed the latest figures from the 2011 census, saying the country has a total population of 80.2 million.

The survey showed about 14.9 per cent, or 1.1 million, fewer foreigners than expected.

The discrepancy between census figures and registered residents was especially big in Germany's biggest cities.

Berlin has almost 180,000 fewer inhabitants than expected and Hamburg has more than 80,000 fewer.

The census also shows that there are almost 34,000 registered same-sex partnerships in Germany, with 5,700 children.

The census was the first comprehensive population count since 1987 - when Germany was still divided into west and east.

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