Young Austrians set TV-watching record with 92-hour binge

VIENNA (AFP) - Five young Austrians have broken the record for binge-watching TV by staring at a screen for 92 straight hours, organisers said on Saturday.

"Towards the end, it was really tough for them," said Moritz Arnold, who organised the successful record-breaking attempt in the window of a shop in the Austrian capital Vienna.

The feat has been recognised by Guinness World Records, he added.

The five record-breakers, four men and a woman aged 19-24, were chosen from an initial 400 candidates who applied for the ultimate couch-potato experience.

They were allowed a five-minute break per hour for calls of nature, a leg stretch or even a shower.

To help them stay awake the TV-marathoners also had access to an exercise bike as well as coffee and energy drinks.

The former record of 91 hour was set in Toronto, Canada in December 2014.