World Briefs: UK Parliament staff face harassment

UK Parliament staff face harassment

LONDON • Staff working for lawmakers in Britain's Lower House of Parliament face an unacceptable risk of sexual harassment, bullying and abuse, an official report said yesterday.

An independent inquiry was commissioned after Parliament became one of several institutions embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal.

Employees were found to have been subjected to harassment such as kissing attempts, breasts being grabbed and thighs being stroked.


Merkel sits through national anthems

BERLIN • German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday stayed seated during the national anthems at an official ceremony, in a rare change of protocol after she suffered three public episodes of shaking in less than a month.

After greeting Denmark's new Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, a smiling Dr Merkel walked her over to a podium, where both leaders took their seats before the anthems played.


Radio journalist shot dead in Philippines

MANILA • Gunmen have shot dead a radio journalist in the southern Philippines, police said.

Mr Eduardo Dizon, 58, was driving home on Wednesday when he was attacked by two gunmen at a street corner.

There was no immediate information on whether the killing was related to Mr Dizon's work. His colleagues at Brigada News FM said he had often reported on corruption.


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