World Briefs: Obama to visit Hiroshima

US President Barack Obama will make history as the first sitting US president to visit Hiroshima, but he will not apologise for the World War Two bombing.

Obama to visit Hiroshima

WASHINGTON • US President Barack Obama will visit Hiroshima on May 27, becoming the first sitting US president to set foot there since the nation dropped an atomic bomb on the city 71 years ago. Mr Obama will visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, which is dedicated to those who died during the bombing, the White House said yesterday.


Mexican drug lord can be extradited to US

MEXICO CITY • A Mexican judge has ruled that its most notorious drug lord, Joaquin Guzman Loera, can be extradited to the United States, where he would face federal charges of drug trafficking, and have far slimmer chances of escaping prison, as he has done twice in his home country.


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