World briefs : Norway opens massacre exhibition

Norway opens massacre exhibition

OSLO • Four years after attacks by Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people, some Norwegians fear a new exhibition dedicated to the tragedy could become his "hall of fame".

Objects Breivik used in his July 2011 rampage are on show in the government complex he unsuccessfully tried to blow up.


Saudi plane carrying arms lands in Yemen

ADEN • A Saudi plane loaded with arms for fighters loyal to Yemen's deposed president landed at Aden airport yesterday, the first into the embattled city in four months.

Loyalists backed by a Saudi-led Arab alliance wrested Aden from the dominant Houthi group last week.


Queensland drought a boon for US burger fans

SYDNEY • Queensland's most widespread drought and a strengthening El Nino are proving a boon for US hamburger lovers, with record beef exports as Australian farmers cull their cattle.

The US last year overtook Japan as Australia's top export market, as a prolonged drought through Texas saw America's beef output slide.


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