World Briefs: Nabbed: Suspected gun supplier in killings

Nabbed: Suspected gun supplier in killings

BERLIN • Police have arrested an armed German man who boasted during a sting operation that he had supplied the Glock 17 pistol used by a gunman who killed nine people in Munich on July 22.

The authorities on Tuesday arrested the 31-year-old in Marburg, about 100km north of Frankfurt, after contacting him on the so-called "Dark Net" and posing as buyers for weapons.


Italy wants all imams trained locally

ROME • Italy will not follow France by allowing bans on burkinis - full-body swimsuits - on public beaches but is planning tighter regulation of imams and mosques, its interior minister said in comments published yesterday.

Mr Angelino Alfano said he wanted all imams preaching in the country's mosques to be trained in Italy, and for all mosques to be fully compliant with the law.


Turkey to release non-coup prisoners

ISTANBUL • Turkey has said it would free 38,000 prisoners not linked to last month's failed coup, apparently to release pressure on prisons packed with suspects.

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said yesterday the release was "not an amnesty" and the convicts were not being pardoned but released on parole.


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