Woman arrested in France after asking police officers to 'test' quality of her cocaine

TOULOUSE (AFP) - A woman was arrested in France on Tuesday (April 26) after she waltzed into a police station, put three bags of cocaine on the counter and asked officers on duty to test its quality.

It was around 5am in the south-western city of Toulouse when police officers were confronted with the strange request from a known 45-year-old drug user.

A police source said the woman went to the main police station and placed the bags - two containing cocaine powder and one crack cocaine - on the counter.

Asked why she did so, the woman replied, "so that officers at reception could test it" and that "she wanted to know if it was good quality as she didn't want people to die of an overdose".

The woman was taken into custody and a court ordered her to attend a hearing in January.

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