What's Next: April 14, 2017

Talks on Afghan security and Taleban

Russia today will host high-level talks with several countries - including Pakistan, China and some Central Asian states - on Afghan security and reconciliation with the Taleban.

But the United States, which appears to lack a clear Afghan policy and is irked by Moscow's outreach to the militant group, has not confirmed whether it will attend the talks.

A learning visit for haemophiliac kids

Monday is World Haemophilia Day. A group of children with haemophilia will visit a medical manufacturing plant in Woodlands to better understand the treatment for their condition.

Haemophilia is a genetic disorder that impairs the body's ability to make blood clots, which is needed to stop bleeding. This results in people bleeding longer after an injury, easy bruising, and an increased risk of bleeding inside joints or the brain.

US inflation data out today

The United States will release inflation data for March today.

Consumer prices had increased 2.7 per cent year-on-year in February, following a 2.5 per cent rise in January, and in line with market expectations. It was the highest inflation rate since March 2012, boosted by a rise in petrol prices.

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