Turkish police nab burqa-clad men, thwart romantic rendezvous

ANKARA (REUTERS) - Police acting on tip-offs from local residents arrested two men dressed in burqas in southeastern Turkey on Thursday, only to discover the pair were sneaking off for a clandestine tryst with their girlfriends.

The Romeos were seized in Mardin province near the Syrian border after people became suspicious of the pair, who wore full women's garments which cover the whole body except for the eyes.

Turkish authorities have in recent months tightened security along the border with Syria after facing criticism at home and abroad for failing to halt the flow of foreign fighters joining radical Islamist groups including Islamic State.

"The two men were dressed up in burqas with the aim of disguising themselves as women to meet with their girlfriends. It has been understood that the issue was only related to their love affairs," a police official in Mardin told Reuters.

Hurryiet Daily News said the men had resorted to the deception because their parents disapproved of their relationships.