Stolen cash blown away by wind in 'hapless robbery' in Britain as 2 suspects flee scene

Two men who robbed a travel agency in Britain last month had their loot blown away by the wind as they fled the scene, in what local authorities have described as a "hapless robbery" in an online appeal for more information.

The Greater Manchester Police on Saturday released closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage on its Facebook page of the robbery in Droylsden, a town about 7km east of Manchester.

In its Facebook post, the police said the two men had gone into a travel agency in Queens Walk at about 1pm on March 17 and demanded money from the staff members.

"Threatened, the staff gave the two offenders money, which they stuffed down their trousers before fleeing towards Craven Street, where they got into a silver car," the post said.

In the CCTV footage, a man is seen crossing a narrow street before the stolen cash falls out of the back of his pants and is blown away by a breeze.

As the thief realises this, he scrambles to pick up the money together with his accomplice, who is seen briefly on camera.

Netizens found humour in the incident, with one Facebook user leaving a cheeky comment saying: "Sounds like it was organised by a professional."

Detective Constable Phil Scargill said in the Facebook post that the pair had "threatened innocent people working in the travel agents and should know their actions are utterly unacceptable."

The police said they released the footage to appeal for more information, as they would like to speak to the two men.