Search for mystery gold train enters new phase

Treasure hunters prepare to begin digging for a train full of Nazi gold that supposedly disappeared in Poland in 1945, as US and Soviet forces were advancing on Germany.

WALBRZYCH, POLAND (Reuters) - Somewhere along this railway line outside Walbrzych, Poland, two researchers believe a train full of looted treasures is buried.

The Polish and German treasure hunters are preparing to begin turning up the ground in hopes of finding it.

The so-called "Gold Train" was made up of 24 carriages full of gold, silver and valuable paintings..

Family treasures that had been seized by Nazi forces from Hungarian Jews.

The train reportedly disappeared in Poland in 1945, somewhere between Wroclaw and Walbrzych.

These researchers now have the money, and the permission, to being digging for it.

But if they do find the train, they may not get to keep the valuables inside.

The World Jewish Congress has already demanded that the treasures be returned to the descendants of the families they were taken from.