Scotland Decides: Facts and figures about Scotland

(AFP) - Scotland is home to nearly 5.3 million people, mostly concentrated in the southern lowlands, and its territory extends up to the Shetland Islands which are closer to the Norwegian coast than to Edinburgh.

Here is a factfile ahead of the independence referendum on Sept 18:



Population (2011): 5,295,400

Capital: Edinburgh

Biggest city: Glasgow

Other cities: Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Perth, Stirling.


Flag: Saint Andrew's Cross (white saltire on a blue field)

Patron saint: Saint Andrew

National day: November 30, Saint Andrew's Day

National anthem: None. "Flower of Scotland" commonly used at sporting events.

Floral emblem: Thistle

National heroes: Robert the Bruce (king), Robert Burns (poet), William Wallace (independence leader).



Area: 78,772 sq km

Highest point: Ben Nevis (1,344m)

Longest river: River Tay (193km)

Largest lake: Loch Lomond

Largest island: Lewis and Harris (Outer Hebrides)

Island groups: Orkney, Shetland, Outer Hebrides, Inner Hebrides.

Borders: England (154km)

World heritage sites: the Antonine Wall, the Roman empire's northernmost frontier; the Orkney Islands' neolithic monuments; New Lanark cotton mill village; the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh; the abandoned island of St Kilda.


Main ethnic groups: According to the 2011 census: White Scottish (84 per cent); White other British (7.9 per cent); Other White (1.9 per cent); White Polish (1.2 per cent); White Irish (1.0 per cent); Pakistani (0.9 per cent); Black or Caribbean Scottish (0.12 per cent)

Main religions: Church of Scotland (32.4 per cent); Roman Catholic (15.9 per cent); other Christian (5.5 per cent); Islam (1.4 per cent); Hinduism (0.3 per cent).

Recognised languages: English, Gaelic (spoken by 1.1 per cent), Scots.

Life expectancy at birth: female - 80.1 years; male - 75.3 years.



Currency: pound sterling

Gross domestic product: £130 billion (£24,300 per capita) on-shore; £148 billion (£27,700 per capita) including geographical share of off-shore activity - about the same as Austria.

Growth: 1.0 per cent during the first quarter of 2014; 2.6 per cent on same period last year.

Unemployment (January-March): 6.4 per cent

Biggest employer worldwide: First Group (bus and train firm), 120,000.

Biggest turnover: SSE (electricity distribution and supply) £31,724 million, Royal Bank of Scotland £28,937 million.

Total value of exports (2012): £26 billion, excluding oil and gas.

Top export: Whisky (£4.3 billion). Singapore was the third-largest market for Scotch whisky last year, with 66.8 million bottles worth £329.7 million (S$676 million) coming in.

Top export destinations (2012): Rest of UK, United States, Netherlands, France, Germany, Norway.

Oil and gas: Projected revenues from the offshore energy industry, with the Scottish government predicting up to £38.7 billion over the next five years. Britain is forecasting £17.6 billion.


122: Romans construct Hadrian's Wall.

858: Death of Kenneth MacAlpin, king of the Picts and founder of the dynasty that ruled Scots for centuries to come.

1296-1357: Wars of Independence with England.

1314: King Robert the Bruce defeats the English forces at Bannockburn, establishing de facto independence.

1560: Protestant reformation.

1603: Union of the Crowns. King James VI of Scotland, from the House of Stuart, becomes James I of England too.

1707: Acts of Union: England and Scotland merge to form Kingdom of Great Britain with one crown and one parliament.

1999: Reconstituted Scottish Parliament meets for first time, following referendum.

2014: Referendum on Scottish independence.



UK head of state: Queen Elizabeth II

UK Prime Minister: David Cameron

First Minister: Alex Salmond (Scottish National Party)

Deputy FM: Nicola Sturgeon (SNP)

Main parties in the 129-seat Scottish parliament: SNP (65); Labour (38); Conservatives (15).

Matters devolved to Edinburgh: Health, justice, education, agriculture, environment, local government.

Matters reserved for London: Finance, defence, energy, foreign affairs, constitution, civil service, immigration, transport, pensions, social security, transport.



Food: Haggis, shortbread, porridge, fish and chips, Scotch broth, Arbroath smokies, smoked salmon, neeps and tatties, oatcakes, scones, Dundee cake.

Drink: Whisky, Irn-Bru (soft drink), Drambuie, McEwan's beer, Tennent's lager.

Cultural events: Burns Night, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Highland Games, Hogmanay, Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Royal Highland Show, T in the Park, Up Helly Aa.

National daily newspapers: Daily Record, The Herald, The Scotsman.

TV stations: STV, BBC Alba (Gaelic-language).

Famous philosophers and scientists: Alexander Fleming, discoverer of penicillin; Adam Smith, the forefather of liberal economics, and David Hume, a leading Enlightenment philosopher.

Famous actors: Sean Connery, Ewan McGregor, Gerard Butler, Tilda Swinton, Robert Carlyle, Robbie Coltrane, Billy Connolly, James McAvoy.

Famous musicians: Bay City Rollers, Belle and Sebastian, Susan Boyle, Franz Ferdinand, Annie Lennox, Primal Scream, The Proclaimers, Simple Minds, Travis, Wet Wet Wet.



Main sports: Football, rugby union, golf.

Leading sports clubs: Celtic, Rangers (football); Edinburgh, Glasgow Warriors (rugby union); The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews; Edinburgh Athletic Club.

Famous sports stars: Andy Murray, Alex Ferguson, Chris Hoy, Jackie Stewart, Colin Montgomerie, Kenny Dalglish.

Reigning Olympic champions: Tim Baillie (canoeing); Scott Brash (equestrian); Chris Hoy (cycling); Katherine Grainger (rowing); Andy Murray (tennis); Heather Stanning (rowing).

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