Russian taxi drivers sacked for smearing green dye on fare evaders

Two taxi drivers in Russia's south-eastern city of Khabarovsk have been sacked after they forced two women to smear green antiseptic dye over their faces.

The women had apparently evaded paying the fare, according to the BBC, though it is unconfirmed whether they actually did not have the money to pay.

The green dye, zelyonka, is hard to remove but generally harmless.

The taxi firm, Maxim, acted after the taxi drivers' union called for their sacking, after the video went viral.

In the video, one of the women could be seen shielding her green face from the camera, while the other received the dye on her hands to rub on her face.

According to the BBC, police are investigating the incident.

Zelyonka has been use on Russian opposition politicians in the past.

In March, opposition leader Alexei Navalny was doused by the green liquid in the city of Barnaul. A second attack in May caused him to lose 80 per cent of sight in one eye, according to the New York Times.

Another critic of President Vladimir Putin, Parnas party leader Mikhail Kasyanov, was also attacked in the same manner in February.

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