RIP with a biodegradable coffin mattress

(REUTERS) - You may not have thought about it, but coffins don't seem that comfy.

That's why Lydia de Paus created a biodegradable coffin mattress made of cotton.

She got the idea while making burial arrangements for a friend that died, and realising the coffin had no cushioning for the body.

"What is this? How horrible, I thought," the founder of Mollis Luctus said in Dutch. "There was a nice pillow, but no mattress, so I asked the undertaker, 'where is the mattress?' and he said they didn't have any... It made me think that all people should be able to lie on a mattress with dignity, no matter rich or poor, everyone should be able to have a dignified farewell with departed ones, so I developed a mattress."

She founded the company Mollis Luctus last year, which means soft bed in Latin.

It's now being sold as part of a standard package by funeral home undertaker Ad de Jong.

Ad de Jong, a funeral home undertaker, added in Dutch: "I think everyone can afford it. It's a product which costs €49, while an average funeral costs €5,000, so that's possibly 1 per cent more, and that's a price affordable to all."

Mollis Luctus plans on expanding and is currently in negotiations with UK partners about shipping coffin mattresses across the Channel.