Putin perfume on sale in Moscow

MOSCOW (REUTERS) - If you're one of those people who can't get enough of Russian President Vladimir Putin, things are looking up.

A new perfume inspired by the president himself, is now on sale at a Moscow department store.

The fragrance, called "Leaders Number One", comes in a sleek black-glass bottle and a 6500-rouble (S$126) price tag.

The scent, which creator Vladislav Rekunov hopes to present to the leader himself, contains hints of lemon, blackcurrant and fir cones.

"The composition was designed to be warm and well-rounded ... and I would call it 'uniting'," said Mr Rekunov. "So it's not an aggressive scent, rather it's attractive, matter-of-fact and natural."

He says videos of the leader inspired him. Yet, despite "warm" and "uniting" qualities of the fragrance, most shoppers rejected the offer to test the new fragrance for free.

And two men on a Moscow street who agreed to try the Putin-themed scent say it smells like "cheap" perfume.

The fragrance is the latest in a large collection of Putin-themed items on sale that aim to strengthen the Russian leader's cult of personality.