Police ban demos on Paris' Champs Elysees during climate talks

PARIS (AFP) - French police on Tuesday (Dec 1) banned demonstrations on Paris' prestigious Champs Elysees avenue and near the venue for the United Nations climate conference at Le Bourget north of the capital during the two-week talks.

"Other bans could be implemented, depending on the necessity and the circumstances," police warned.

The measures will remain in force until Dec 13.

French authorities are seeking to avoid any repetition of Sunday's (Nov 29) clashes between hard-left demonstrators and riot police in a city still reeling from the terrorist attacks last month that killed 130 people.

The French government introduced a state of emergency following the attacks, and parliament gave the green light to prolong the extraordinary set of security measures for three months.

A mass march by climate activists planned in Paris on Sunday (Nov 29) on the eve of the COP21 talks was cancelled. Instead, protesters formed a human chain through part of Paris.

Although the human chain demonstration passed off peacefully, hooded activists then clashed with riot police in a central square which has become a rallying point for post-attacks mourning.

Police used tear gas and made more than 300 arrests. Nine people remain in custody.

The climate rally organisers disowned the hard-left activists who claimed they were protesting against the ban on public demonstrations.