Paris shooting: World leaders arrive in French capital for historic rally

PARIS (AFP) - David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Benjamin Netanyahu were among world leaders who arrived Sunday at the French Elysee presidential palace, poised to take part in a historic march against terror.

The British, German and Israeli leaders were also joined by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, all of whom will march through the French capital in the same demonstration - a world first.

Earlier, Mr Netanyahu had told Bloomberg that French Jews who feel endangered by terrorism can find sanctaury in Israel.

"Any Jew who wants to come to Israel will be received with open arms," he told reporters on board his flight to Paris to attend the march, while at the same time urging for global action against "radical Islam".

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who also joined the rally, had talked to Mr Hollande on Saturday.

According to Xinhua, Mr Abbas told his French counterpart over the phone: "Facing violence and racism as well as hatred needs cooperation and dialogue among religions all over the world."

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