Paris attacks: Pregnant woman filmed dangling from Bataclan theatre window reunites with saviour

The pregnant woman dangling from the Bataclan concert hall's window ledge, some 15m above the ground.
The pregnant woman dangling from the Bataclan concert hall's window ledge, some 15m above the ground. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM YOUTUBE

There was a happy ending to one of the most distressing images captured during the Nov 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, as a pregnant woman who was seen hanging precariously from a third-floor window of the Bataclan concert hall got a chance to meet up with the man who saved her.

As gunmen toting assault rifles stormed a venue that was playing host to a gig by Californian band Eagles of Death Metal, dozens of terrified concert-goers were filmed fleeing the building by Mr Daniel Psenny, a journalist for French newspaper Le Monde.

The woman could be seen dangling from the ledge - some 15m above the ground - as she cried: "Help, help, I'm pregnant, catch me if I fall."

French newspaper La Provence interviewed the woman's rescuer, identified only by his first name Sebastian, who provided a detailed account of what transpired during those horrific moments.


"She was begging people down below if they would catch her if she jumped. But it was chaos down there. I went through the other window and attached myself to a ventilation shaft," he said.

"I held on for five minutes and then the pregnant woman, who was exhausted, begged me to help her get back inside. That's what I did."

Sebastian then lost track of the woman after pulling her to safety. He was held hostage by one of the gunmen after returning to his old hiding place, but managed to escape when police raided the concert hall.

It turned out that the woman had survived, and the pair were reunited when her friend posted a plea on Twitter, requesting that Sebastian come forward as they wanted to thank him.

Sebastian's brother spotted the tweet and alerted him, revealed the woman's boyfriend, Parisian-based copywriter Frans Torreele.

It is understood that the woman was taken to a hospital for a checkup, but did not suffer any injuries. She had requested to remain anonymous as she has yet to recover emotionally from her ordeal.

The Bataclan concert hall was the scene of the bloodiest attack in a string of planned terrorist strikes across the French capital. Eighty-nine of the 129 people who died were killed there.