Octogenarian Polish temptress drugged and swindled suitors

WARSAW (AFP) - Polish authorities have arrested an 80-year-old woman who allegedly drugged and then robbed a string of senior citizen suitors she met through newspaper lonely hearts adverts.

During dinner, the predatory pensioner sprinkled lorazepam - a drug prescribed to treat anxiety but which induces sleep - onto her victim's food, a regional court in Brzesko, southern Poland, heard.

In one case, she stole 8,000 zloty (S$2,800) in jewellery, electronics and cash from a 78-year-old who had invited her to his home in the nearby village of Szczurow, the online edition of the Polska The Times reported on Tuesday (Aug 9).

"I'd never have imagined this lady was capable of doing something like this, nor that she's 80," said district prosecutor Andrzej Lesniak.

Evidence gathered by local police suggests the woman, identified only as Janina M., used the same technique to rob a string of lovelorn seniors.

The woman has denied any wrongdoing.

During the course of their investigation police found she had eight previous convictions for theft and fraud.

If found guilty, the octogenarian faces up to 20 years behind bars.