Norwegian fined for false promise on contract killing

OSLO (REUTERS) - A 21-year-old Norwegian man was fined 10,000 crowns (S$1,700) for fraud because he accepted a contract killing job without intending to carry it out, police told Reuters on Wednesday.

The man agreed to take cash to kill a 17-year-old youth, but authorities could not prove any intent to complete the task, so he could only be charged with defrauding his client, police said, confirming a report in local newspaper Varden.

The man accepted the charge and paid the fine, police added.

Another 21-year-old, who ordered the killing, was sentenced to two years in prison but most of the sentence was suspended after he confessed, saying the teenager he wanted killed had rejected his romantic advances.

He claims to have paid 60,000 crowns for the job but the other man said he received only 40,000 crowns, Varden said.

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