Man rushing for job interview cursed London Tube passenger who turned out to be his interviewer

LONDON - A man who was in a rush before a job interview hurled vulgarities at a fellow passenger on the London Tube who was apparently in his way.

As luck would have it, the man he had scolded that Monday morning on Feb 16 was his interviewer.

British newspaper Mirror Online reported that the unnamed interviewee did not realise the coincidence till his interviewer, Matt Buckland, dropped several hints.

The man was being interviewed for a job at venture capital firm Forward Partners.

Buckland, the head of recruitment, wrote on Twitter: "Karma - the guy who pushed past me on the tube and then suggested I go F myself just arrived for his interview... with me..."

While Buckland did not take his brush with the commuter into account, and claimed that everyone has bad days such as these, he said that the man did not get the job because he "wasn't right for the role".

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