Man accused of eating shipmate

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A Salvadoran castaway is reportedly facing a $1 million lawsuit from the family of his shipmate who accuse him of cannibalism.

SPAIN (REUTERS) - Jorge Salvador Alvarenga's reported to have survived 13 months adrift in the Pacific Ocean living on turtle blood, raw fish and birds.

His story of survival against the odds made international headlines but now he's back in the news accused of cannibalism.

The family of Alvarenga's shipmate is accusing him of cannibalism and they're reportedly suing him for US$1 million (S$1.4 million).

Alvarenga, who says the man's body was dumped in the ocean when he died some weeks into their ordeal, had what seemed an amicable meeting with the family last year.

Alvarenga's lawyer says he's not been formally told of any lawsuit which he's dismissing as a bid for easy money.

"A crime in any part of the world needs to be proved. How can I prove it if there were just two people and he ate the other person in the middle of the ocean. I repeat, the logic is illogical, it's ridiculous, it's absurd. And to ask for US$1 million dollars for non-existent cannibalism, it's embarrassing." said Alvarenga's lawyer.

Alvarenga underwent medical treatment and psychological evaluations after his rescue which authorities say back up his account of his ordeal.

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