Madcap flying machines compete in Moscow

Contestants in Moscow's Red Bull Flugtag attempt to take to the air in handmade craft. Flugtag means 'flight day' in German - but there wasn't much sign of these machines making it further than the waters below.

MOSCOW (REUTERS) - Contestants in Moscow's Red Bull Flugtag competition were ready to crash and get wet on Sunday (Aug 13) with hand-made aircraft in a variety of shapes, from a goblin bolt thrower to a human brain, all of which ended up plummeting into a river in Moscow

Flugtag means "flight day" in German, but all of these craft ultimately splashed into the waters below.

The teams construct their machines with three criteria in mind: How far they will fly, the creativity involved, and the artistry behind the design.

On competition day, teams are also judged by their performance on the takeoff ramp.

The contest started in Vienna in 1991 and now plays out annually in more than 100 locations.