Journalist Kim Wall's right arm may have been found

Divers searching for missing body parts of journalist Kim Wall in August 2017. PHOTO: REUTERS

STOCKHOLM (AFP) - Danish police on Wednesday (Nov 29) said divers have found a second arm in the area where the rest of Swedish journalist Kim Wall's body parts were discovered after she was killed onboard an inventor's submarine.

The second arm, found in Koge Bay off Copenhagen, had been weighed down in a similar way as a left arm found last week, the Copenhagen police said in a statement.

"We therefore assume that the arm is connected to the submarine case," Copenhagen police chief investigator Jens Moller Jensen said in the statement.

In a grisly case that shocked the public, it has taken Danish authorities months to find 30-year-old Wall's body parts since she vanished after interviewing Danish inventor Peter Madsen, 46, on his home-made submarine on Aug 10.

While both arms have yet to be confirmed to belong to Wall, Jensen told AFP that "the assumption is that all of (her) body parts have been found."

Wall's legs, torso and head, all found near Koge Bay, had also been weighed down with attached metal objects.

Madsen, who in October admitted dismembering Wall's corpse, is suspected of murdering her.

But he has denied the allegations and said he does not know how she died. He has told police she died below deck while he was up on deck.

Prosecutors have previously said they believe Madsen killed Wall as part of a sexual fantasy, then dismembered her body and threw her remains into the sea.

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