Italian navy and coast guard rescue nearly 1,400 migrants

ITALY (Reuters) - The Italian coast guard on Tuesday (Sept 29) said some 1,150 migrants had been rescued from boats in the Mediterranean in one day.

Eleven separate rescue operations were carried out off the Libyan coast on Monday (Sept 28) with hundreds of people being plucked from perilous rubber dinghies.

The coast guard on Tuesday afternoon released footage of the rescue operations carried out by the vessel Corsi CP906, which it said had rescued 441 migrants from four rubber boats.

The video showed officers intercepting a rubber boat carrying a large number of people and helping the migrants board the Corsi CP906, which on Tuesday morning took them to port in Sicily's Pozzallo.

Meanwhile, the Italian navy said it had rescued 230 migrants in two operations in the Mediterranean on Tuesday.

The navy vessel Cigala Fulgosi rescued 124 migrants, including two women, on Tuesday morning, the navy said. Shortly after, the Cigala Fulgosi intercepted another migrant boat carrying 106 people, including 31 women and five minors.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said over the weekend that the world had waited far too long to respond to the refugee crisis sparked by the wars in Syria and elsewhere.

The sudden arrival in Europe of tens of thousands refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, many abandoning refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan or Lebanon, has stirred sharp disagreement between European Union countries on how to "process" and accommodate them.

While governments such as Germany have proven more welcoming, Eastern European countries have resisted plans for quotas to disperse refugees.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is convening a high-level meeting on Wednesday (Sept 30) on the refugee and migration crisis.