Holiday-goer films owl 'dancing' at UK sanctuary

(REUTERS) - A British charity worker was given a surprise on September 7 when he visited an owl sanctuary in Cornwall, England, to find a young barn owl bobbing its head, looking like it was dancing.

Robert Cole, who works as head of communications at AMAR International Charitable Foundation, christened the bird 'Owly Murs' after British singer Olly Murs.

Murs was runner up in the reality TV singing competition The X Factor in 2009.

The video was filmed at Screech Owl Sanctuary in Saint Columb Major. Cole said staff at the sanctuary had put the two week old owl by reception to get it used to humans.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) said owls often bob their heads as a way of improving their depth perception. Young owls do this more so as they get used to their surroundings, it added.