Germany's Merkel vows more support for France after attacks

Merkel and Hollande shake hands after their joint press conference.
Merkel and Hollande shake hands after their joint press conference.AFP

PARIS (REUTERS/AFP) - Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday she would think about how Germany could further support France in fighting terrorism following the Nov 13 attacks by Islamist militants in Paris that killed 130 people.

"When the French president asks me to think about what more we can do, then it is our duty to reflect on this and we will also react very quickly here," Merkel told a joint news conference with French President Francois Hollande in Paris.

Hollande urged Germany to commit more to the struggle against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, where French warplanes are pounding targets of the militant group, though he also expressed understanding for Berlin's reluctance to become involved in military operations overseas.

French lawmakers earlier voted overwhlemingly to extend air strikes against ISIS militant targets in Syria.

The National Assembly approved a motion to prolong strikes by 515 votes to four, with 10 abstentions, as the defence minister said all 27 other European Union members had offered "direct or indirect" military support.