Germany frees two men suspected of planning ISIS attack due to lack of evidence

BERLIN (AFP) - German police on Friday (April 8) released an Iraqi and a Nigerian man arrested a day earlier after finding no evidence for their initial suspicion that the two may have planned an attack.

Prosecutors had said on Thursday that the 46-year-old Iraqi and the Nigerian, 29, were being held in the Munich area on suspicion they had links with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and may have been planning a "major act of violence".

However, on Friday the police in the southern state of Bavaria said that questioning of the men and searches of their residential premises had netted no evidence to back up the suspicion.

The men were released on Friday shortly before noon, said the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation.

Since the attacks in Paris on Nov 13 last year that killed 130 people, the German authorities have repeatedly said they believe Germany also faces the threat of militant attacks.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere on Friday defended the police, saying that it was prudent, "if in doubt, to act earlier rather than too late".