From refugee to 'wine queen' in Germany

The wine-growing region around the southern German city of Trier crowns a Syrian refugee this year's 'wine queen,' an ambassador for local vineyards.

TRIER, GERMANY (Reuters) - A festive gathering in a wine growing region in southern Germany.

It's also time for an annual tradition - picking the area's "wine queen."

It's an event filled with fanfare - and of course a time for the passing of the crown.

This year's winner is Ninorta Bahno - a 26-year-old Christian who fled war in Syria three years ago.

It's a time for music and a time for wine dining.

And when the formal announcement comes, it is a chance to toast the region and the opportunities.

And what would be a crowning without a formal ceremony.

And of course a toast.

Ms Bahno said, "Please raise your glasses with me and drink to a successful 68th Trier wine festival. Cheers!"

She says she wanted to make good use of her new position to encourage other refugees to integrate into German society - and of course promote the regions wine.