French thief stole policewoman's jacket, helmet and phone while being questioned

MELUN, France (AFP) - A French thief has been sentenced to three months in prison for making off with a policewoman's jacket, helmet and mobile phone while she was questioning him over a made-up rape case.

The 24-year-old from Paris walked into a police station on March 10 with false identity papers and said he wanted to report a case of rape. "During his interrogation, he started behaving strangely, giving contradictory statements and asking constantly for glasses of water then going to the toilet. That's what raised our suspicions," said a police source.

When he was leaving the building after his interview, the policewoman noticed her mobile phone had vanished. She raised the alarm and the man was intercepted and searched. "In his rucksack, we found a police jacket, as well as a helmet from the Quebec police that she had in her office," the source said.

"He was waiting for her to fetch him glasses of water and then robbing her," added the source. Her mobile was found in the police office toilets.

He was sentenced to three months in prison for using a false identity and attempted theft but had his sentence reduced because he pleaded guilty.

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