What's Hot: David Fogarty's take on the Paris climate talks

Food and cafes create upbeat mood at Paris climate talks

PARIS - French flair is in the air at the Paris climate talks. Especially in the morning when the smell of freshly baked bread wafts through the halls, where delegates are hard at work crafting a new global agreement to fight climate change.

As delegates enter the venue after clearing the airport-style security screening, they will walk past a bakery, with bakers at work feeding loaves and pastries into the ovens. In the halls, cafes are spread throughout, creating a cozy atmosphere for delegates and a great place for meeting contacts or stalking negotiators.

In fact, even before you enter the venue, you are greeted each morning with fresh organic apples, handed out by chirpy assistants dressed in white uniforms.

The abundance of good food and coffee has helped create an upbeat mood at the talks and kept hardworking journalists nicely fuelled up. The availability of beer and wine also seems to have lifted the spirit among delegates.

The abundance of food and cafes is in stark contrast to previous climate meetings I've been to and could prove a clever ploy by the French hosts, who have staked their international reputation on getting a long-overdue agreement on fighting climate change finally sealed in Paris.

UN climate talks are typically marathons, and negotiators and the media need good food to get to the finish line.