Donkey in Germany mistakes orange sports car for carrot and bites it

A donkey in Germany mistook an orange coloured Mclaren Spider for a carrot and bit it. PHOTO: SKYNEWS.COM.AU

A sports car owner whose beloved vehicle was bitten by a donkey, has been awarded compensation in Vogelsberg, Germany.

According to the BBC, Mr Markus Zahn had parked his bright orange coloured McLaren Spider in a carpark along a paddock on Sept 15 last year.

Vitus the donkey then took a bite at his car.

The court has found the donkey's owners responsible and they have to fork out €5,800 (S$9,282) in compensation for the damage to the car's paintwork.

Police investigations suggest that Vitus may have confused the car with a carrot, and its owners can still appeal against the ruling, reported the BBC.

In their defence, Vitus' owners say Mr Zahn was responsible as he should not have parked his car - worth an estimated €310,000 - where he did.

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