Bungling robber in Moscow gives passport to bank clerk, runs off without it

A bank robber in Moscow was nabbed following a failed heist where he ran off without his passport.

The 22-year-old man, an online salesman, handed his passport to the cashier with a note inside that read: "Give me the money or I'll shoot everybody", reported The Daily Mail Online on Monday (June19).

The bank typically uses customers' passports to verify identities for transactional purposes.

CCTV footage also showed the robber holding a handgun in his right hand, which he revealed to the cashier.

However, the plan went awry as the cashier fainted in shock behind the protective glass, still clutching the robber's passport in her hand.

Unsure of what to do next, the robber ran out of the bank, leaving his passport behind with the clerk. He was also not wearing a mask or disguise of any kind.

Despite the authorities possessing his passport and personal details, the robber was not arrested until two months after the incident. He has also not been named by the authorities.

The robber later told detectives that he got the idea of robbing the bank from a movie, and had bought a fake gun on the way to the bank.

One netizen was cited by the Daily Mail Online as saying: "What an idiot! He not only showed his face to CCTV but also left his passport at the scene!"

If convicted of armed robbery, the man may face up to eight years in prison.