British home office minister Norman Baker resigns, blames home secretary

LONDON - Mr Norman Baker has resigned as British home office minister, complaining that working under Home Secretary Theresa May was like "walking through mud".

The Liberal Democrat MP accused the Tory cabinet minister of viewing her coalition colleagues as "a cuckoo in the nest rather than part of government", media reports said.

His decision comes days after he became embroiled in a new disagreement over drugs policy and accused the Tories of suppressing a report which backed his case for a review of the current law, The Guardian reported.

He said the government should ditch what he called the "inappropriate rhetoric of the 1950s" and focus more on treatment.

"They have looked upon it as a Conservative department in a Conservative government, whereas in my view it's a coalition department in a coalition government," he told the Independent.

"That mindset has framed things, which means I have had to work very much harder to get things done even where they are what the home secretary agrees with and where it has been helpful for the government and the department."

In his formal resignation letter to the party leader, Mr Baker revealed that he had made clear in August that he was ready to quit and pinned the blame squarely on his coalition colleagues.

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