Beachegg, the new tech to bamboozle beach bandits

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Hungarian engineers are hoping to keep beach bandits at bay with the invention of an anti-theft device that protects swimmers' valuables and tracks their movements online.

Go for a swim without a care in the world - that's the goal of Beachegg, a new anti-theft device developed in Hungary that allows beachgoers to keep their valuables safe and trackable.

Beachegg's Kitti Borissza says it's a boon for bathers.

"Often on the beach, you can see that people are going to swim and they are just looking back and back to their valuables. I think it is really frustrating so it is much better when you can just be calm and relaxed in the water," said Ms Borissza.

How does the Beachegg work?

If it's touched, an alarm goes off for a few seconds to alert the owner via wrist band.

If a thief takes it, the alarm keeps beeping until it's disarmed.

Meanwhile, data is sent to an Amazon cloud server that can trace the egg online.

Chief designer Balzs Csapo says other sensor alarms exist, but that Beachegg offers the most layers of protection.

"A physical layer of protection, an audio layer of protection because it is beeping when somebody tries to steal it, and then we have the bluetooth, the peer-to-peer communication with your wrist band and your Beachegg, and the IoT (Internet of Things) level where through the Beachegg sends you an instant notification if there is a problem with your egg," he said.

The device is now being prepared for mass production to keep beach bandits everywhere at bay.

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