Auschwitz museum warns against playing 'games' on premises

The Auschwitz museum is warning against playing games on premises, following similar pleas to Pokemon GO fans from international memorial institutions.

AUSCHWITZ, POLAND (Reuters) - With the launch of the Pokemon Go app over the weekend, chances are you've seen the game being played out in public.

The app uses augmented reality on a mobile device to allow users to find and capture virtual Pokemon characters in real-life locations.

But a few locations are hoping users will refrain from playing out of respect, like the Auschwitz Museum and Memorial in Poland.

Without directly mentioning Pokemon Go, memorial spokesman Bartosz Bartyzel says no game whatsoever should be played on the premises.

"The former Nazi German death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau is not just only a museum today, it is above all a place of remembrance, a place where people come not only to find out history, but they come for moments of meditation, reflection, often for prayer. It is inconceivable that we should treat this place as a place for games or to have fun," said Bartosz Bartyzel, spokesperson for the Auschwitz Museum and Memorial.

His plea comes after several other institutions made similar calls.

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum described playing the app in a memorial dedicated to victims of the Nazis as "extremely inappropriate".

In Poland, the app is not yet officially available.