Angela Eagle to stand against Labour's Corbyn

LONDON • Mr Jeremy Corbyn, the embattled chief of Britain's main opposition Labour Party, will finally face a leadership challenge after Ms Angela Eagle announced yesterday she would stand against the veteran socialist.

Ms Eagle announced her bid following the collapse of peace talks aimed at resolving the deep crisis surrounding Mr Corbyn's leadership of the left-of-centre party following the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union.

"On Monday morning, I will announce my candidature for leader of the Labour Party," she said.

"I will explain my vision for the country and the difference a strong Labour Party can make."

Mr Corbyn, who has lost the support of at least three- quarters of Labour lawmakers, had "failed to fulfil his first and foremost duty, that is to lead an organised and effective parliamentary Labour Party", said Ms Eagle.

She said Labour under Mr Corbyn could not hold the government to account or demonstrate it was ready to form a government itself in the event of a general election.

Ms Eagle and others in the party blasted Mr Corbyn for what they said was his lacklustre effort in persuading Labour voters to remain in the EU.

Mr Corbyn has vowed to battle on as leader.

Ms Eagle, a former trade unionist - and junior chess champion in her youth - would become the first openly gay leader of one of Britain's main political parties if she wins the support of party members.


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