10 must-reads for today

An Iraqi man in a wheelchair wearing a "No Nazi" T-shirt in protest against a gathering of right-wing supporters in Chemnitz, Germany, on Saturday.
An Iraqi man in a wheelchair wearing a "No Nazi" T-shirt in protest against a gathering of right-wing supporters in Chemnitz, Germany, on Saturday.PHOTO: EPA-EFE


1 Behind Germany's unrest

Once a separate communist state until the end of the Cold War, East Germany's population today remains far less cosmopolitan than the country's West. Along with an economic gap that has bred resentment against foreigners, those factors underlie the higher prevalence of xenophobic outbursts in the East.


2 Better future for ITE grads

A new survey shows that students from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) are able to find good jobs and that more are furthering their studies. The survey, which tracked 3,500 ITE students, showed that their median monthly salary has more than doubled over the last 10 years.


3 Microwave attacks?

Invisible microwave radiation may have been the reason behind the baffling ailments that hit dozens of American diplomats in Cuba and China. A doctor with the medical team that examined the diplomats from Cuba said the team was increasingly sure the diplomats had suffered brain injury caused by microwaves.


4 Abe to raise abduction issue

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said any summit held between him and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un must address the abduction of scores of Japanese citizens by North Korea. It is an issue that has rankled ties between the two countries for decades.


5 Risk to Mid-East peace push

United States President Donald Trump's recent aid cuts for Palestinians will help advance Israel's interests but risk compromising a US-led peace push, analysts and diplomats said. They said the cuts would also raise tensions in the Middle East.


6 Can EU forge its own path?

Germany and France, fuelled by annoyance with the Trump administration, want the European Union to strike a path of strategic autonomy. It is easier said than done, says global affairs correspondent Jonathan Eyal.


7 HK woman sues for $7m

A former insurance agent in Hong Kong has filed a suit in the High Court here to recover more than $7 million from three Singaporeans who "spun a web of lies to ensnare her" to invest in an alleged Ponzi scheme.


8 Preventing radicalisation

Religious groups are taking steps to prevent Indonesian maids from becoming targets for terrorist recruiters, such as by organising a screening of a documentary by a deradicalisation advocate.


9 Returns on CPF investment

Central Provident Fund members who invested in the CPF Investment Scheme reaped average returns of 0.62 per cent in the second quarter ended June 30 this year.



10 Big win over Pakistan

Singapore thrashed Pakistan 84-17 in their final Pool C game yesterday to qualify for the winners' pool of the Asian Netball Championships.

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A mum's musical bond

Doctors said Vera would live for only two weeks, but she is now 10. While she cannot talk, walk or swallow, her mother, Ms Tham Yin May, never gave up on her. Watch how Ms Tham bonds and connects with her daughter through music. http://str.sg/yinmay


Game 'chicken auntie'

Restaurant waitress Loh Feng Ling tells The Straits Times what she thinks of the popularity of an online clip of her chicken dance and gamely takes on a viral dance challenge. http://str.sg/lohfengling

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