EU president Herman Van Rompuy to leave politics end of 2014

BRUSSELS (AFP) - European Union president Herman Van Rompuy on Sunday announced he would leave politics once his mandate in the European Union runs out at the end of next year.

"Members of my family will be on the (political) lists. Those who want to vote for a Van Rompuy will have all the opportunities to do so. At the end of 2014, it's the end of my political career," the former Belgian prime minister announced on Dutch-language public broadcaster VRT.

Mr Van Rompuy, 65, became EU president in 2010 and was re-elected for another two-year mandate last year. The position only allows for two running terms and will, therefore, end for Mr Van Rompuy in November next year.

The Van Rompuy family is well represented in Belgium's political landscape.

Herman's brother, Eric, is a Flemish lawmaker. His son Peter is active in the Christian-Democrat party of Dutch-speaking Flanders and his sister Tine has participated in several elections on leftist voting lists. Mr Van Rompuy's wife, Geertrui, is a local politician active in a Brussels suburb.

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