Egypt's main opposition says it will boycott elections

CAIRO (AFP) - Egypt's main opposition coalition, the National Salvation Front, said on Tuesday that it will boycott upcoming parliamentary elections due to a lack of guarantees of a transparent process.

"The decision of the Front, unanimously, is to boycott the elections," member Sameh Ashour told reporters after a meeting of the NSF, which groups mainly liberal and leftists parties and movements.

Mr Ashour said the decision came after his party's demands, including the formation of a new government "to save the country", had been ignored.

He said the lack of guarantees for a transparent process also contributed to the coalition's decision.

The NSF said it would also boycott a national dialogue called for by Islamist President Mohamed Mursi, which was to be aired live on television on Tuesday afternoon according to the presidency.

The staggered parliamentary elections are due to begin on April 22 and end two months later.