Davos 2016: Top 5 videos of Day 3

From Sheryl Sandberg on the "toddler gender gap" to Kevin Spacey on virtual reality, here is some of the best footage of day 3.

1. Sheryl Sandberg on progress towards parity

Speaking in the session Progress Towards Parity at Davos, Sandberg said that “we have a toddler wage gap”.

2. Kevin Spacey on politics, storytelling and virtual reality


An Insight an Idea with Kevin Spacey: “The US generally gets it right eventually. And I think we’ll probably get it right in the end.” 

3. Justin Trudeau on feminism at Davos 2016

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke of raising both his daughter and his sons to be feminists, at a session on Progress Towards Parity.

4. Mario Draghi on the refugee crisis in Europe

"The refugees are both a challenge and an opportunity for Europe. It's a challenge for sure, and it would be foolish to ignore the size or the extent of the challenge," said ECB's Mario Draghi during a session in Davos.

5. US Secretary of State John Kerry on the conflict in Syria

“Nothing would do more to terminate Daesh (ISIS) than an end to the war in Syria,” said US Secretary of State John Kerry at a Special Address. “We’ve taken important first steps.”

The Annual Meeting is taking place in Davos from 20 to 23 January, under the theme “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

This story first appeared in the World Economic Forum blog Agenda.